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Valuation Analysis

The Mission of StreetBrief is to be the trail marker, like an Innuckshuk, and to “Show the Way.”  We seek to provide innovative, thoughtful views about the stock market and the technology sector.

We are driven by the fundamentals to capture above average alpha, while striving to mitigate risk.  Our quantitative and financial modeling has led to the development of a unique and proprietary valuation modeling methodology to determine the investment worthiness of individual companies.  This model accounts for the general market movements of interest rates, currencies, and commodities in order to capture whether companies remain undervalued or overvalued within the context of a changing market.  The model is supplemented by continuous evaluation of quarterly earnings reports and social media to verify key market insights and trends.

What we do is very simple, but very hard to accomplish.

In addition, we are focused on seven key rules of investing.

1) Always invest with a margin of safety.
2) "This time" is never different from "last time."
3) Be patient and disciplined, so wait for the "fat pitch."  It will come.
4) Be a contrarian, but don't be stupid about it.
5) Risk is the permanent loss of capital, never a number.
6) Be leery of leverage, as it will be ruthless.
7) If you don't understand the technology, make sure you understand the business model.

For more information about the list of companies and the cost of the service,

As we prepare the final touches on our Website content, we welcome your suggestions for content that you would like to see - content that you can't find anywhere else.  StreetBrief will NOT be  another stock discussion forum.  Instead, the content will be focused on the fundamental financial data from companies that we have determined to be of interest based on the output of the StreetBrief Valuation Model.


Stock Valuations for the investing public

Our corporate symbol is the Inuckshuk, which is a trailmarker that shows the way.

Our mission is to be that trailmarker, or pathfinder, that shows the way.  SVM will be that trailmarker.  We will also provide our views on stock - whether those views are positive, or negative.
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